News from the ELROG Tube Factory

Last month I’ve reported about reported the news about the ELROG tubes and Thomas Mayer overtaking the company under the new company name Deutsche Elektronenröhren Manufaktur Gmbh which acquired all assets and machines of Elrog. Here is another update.

The production line is in good shape and has been overhauled to get a better vacuum than ever. Thomas and team are currently producing 845 and 300B tube, but some 211 tubes are still in stock. 

Thomas wants to keep the pricing reasonable, therefor all sales within the European Union will be conducted directly. George Lenz of will continue to distribute the Elrog products in Northern America and they are seeking distributors for other regions.

Export prices outside the European Union, including shipping cost per matched pair:

ER300B : 900,- Euros
ER211 and ER845 : 999,- Euros

Prices per pair inside the European Union including sales tax and shipping:

ER300B : 1060,- Euros
ER211 and ER845 : 1185,- Euros

Prices per pair within Germany including sales tax and shipping:

ER300B : 1050,- Euros
ER211 and ER845 : 1175,- Euros

Payments can be received by bank transfer or PayPal. To place an order please send an email to the address given on That site will be updated with the prices soon.

The tubes carry a 1 year warranty.

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