Ubiq Audio NEW Ubiqu Mono power amplifiers impact!

I've had a chance to hear the latest prototype of Ubiq Audio upcoming integrated amplifier in my den last week and when used the same "heart" as power amplifier it blew me away. Unique modules with latest audio grade Mosfets output transistors are designed to perfectly drive brand's Ubiq Audio Model One speakers and uses propriety circuits designed by Andrej Lakner. Ubiqu Mono's are heavily implementing copper and silver Duelund capacitors and bring something utterly refreshing, of thunderous power and submarine like depth without ever loosing a grip or sense of musicality. Most importantly, perfectly matching with my reference Robert Koda Takumi K-10 preamplifier.

I've wanted to add separate power amplifiers to my system for some time and went forward with ordering the first pairs of Ubiqu Mono power amplifiers. They come with 300 W per chanell into 8 Ohm and 600 W at 4 Ohm with heavily shielded 3000 W SMPS power supply in each box.

You can see how they going to look on the attached photos.  Ubiqu is a perfect blend of classical design with the elegant contemporary, timeless simplicity adding the sensible touch of elegance via golden trims and high gloss black ceramic paint.

This is another project under baton of Igor Kante who again managed a to encapsulate sonically marveling new Ubiq Audio high-end concept.