Akiko Audio Corelli Power Conditioner NEW

After a two year development period, Akiko Audio launches a unique power conditioner that doesn’t rely on conventional power filtering techniques. Four internal units are responsible for an active reduction of high frequency noise, making your music more beautiful to listen to.

‘Power filtering is undesirable and should be avoided’ says designer Marc van Berlo. ‘ The Corelli exclusively reduces noise, without any negative side-effects such as a loss of dynamics or an unnatural sound. This makes our product unique.’

The Akiko Audio Corelli connects to the power strip or wall socket that your equipment is connected to.

The power conditioner is named after the famous Italian violist and composer A. Corelli. No coincidence says the producer: ‘the Corelli is able to render the high tones and rich sounds of violins and acoustic instruments exquisitely.’


Width 215mm, Length 311mm, Height 100mm
Weight: 6,3 kg
The Akiko Audio Power Conditioner Corelli is Hand Made.
All soldering is done with WBT-0800 Silver Solder.
Furutech IEC inlet with fuse holder.
Comes with an Audio Grade HiFi-Tuning fuse with silver melting wire.
30 days ‘not satisfied -money back’ guarantee.