Aries Cerat Concero 65 amplifiers face lifted

Photo set of the NEW facelift, Aries Cerat Concero 65 power amplifiers, that will debuted at this week's Belgium Audio show,

Some technical info:

Power: 65W @ 8-4-2-1 ohm with impedance match selector
Tubes used: 2 X 813 RCA  1 X 814 RCA
Transformer coupled,all DHT design
Film Supercapacitors used for both output and driver stage. 100 less ESR and ESL than any other electrolytic/film used in audio.
Critically tuned LC power reserves,over 1500Joule of energy storage
Total capacitance for primary and secondary circuits: >700.000uF
1400W total power transformer rating
AC link input and AC link driver circuits
Triple pi-filters for all tube filaments.
Bias change on the fly,fine-tuning both driver and output tubes.
Automated soft start power-up procedure
Noise floor: < -105db unweighted
Dimensions : 500mmW X 590mmD X 370mmH