Arteluthe Nigara integrated amplifier NEW

Second Arteluthe - Triode Lab collaboration: the Niagara Integrated - 6BM8 Tube Integrated Amplifier 10W+10W / Optional Phono Stage

The NIAGARA is our signature design with high end parts and components in a small elegant footprint. Our 6BM8/ECL82 Tube Push Pull design on the Niagara is already award wining good with its A.D.F.S Technology (Automatic Differential Feedbacks System) - By applying positive and negative feedbacks together same time, to maintain the best control and stability, while having minimum phase and sound shift for the most realistic sound playbacks. This is perhaps the most advance design of its kind on the entire market! But to make it the best of the best. There are more to do other than using true audiophile grade transformers and voice the amplifier with our well known Mundorfs coupling caps. It's also a must to ensuring use of other brand parts and bits for the best possible sonic improvements. The highlight is an additional / separated power supply circuitry that feeds the amplifier, with voltage regulated and purified, which allows the perfect amount and stable voltage to let the tubes work as accurate and quiet as possible, to unleash the best sonic potential. Don't under estimated this best 10Ws, the gain and drive is proper useful and plenty as a true "integrated" design ; with just 300 mv input, we already easily have yield 9Ws,

$4500 EU / $4500 CAD / $4500 USD