Jico Stylus Wasanbon Record Cleaner System review

When I saw this set, I immediately was attracted to it just for the reason that the bristles had a long length to keep the handle from the record, and one brush is antistatic. Too many brushes are too close to the record and can easily mar it as you're trying to get it clean so you can listen. And static is a huge problem in my room. Lastly, I was definitely draw in by the video of the demonstration taking great care as he did his 'labor of love'.

The paper holder is elegant, and certainly makes you think Japanese. It's nothing more than some cardboard but it's clearly not thoughtless as it works just right and is very fit and trim. 

Brush #1: 

This one is used second to antistatic for the first clean, but is recommended to be used first after you've already gone through the process once. It does what it's intended, to move large debris. The stiffness (relative) is medium so it doesn't have trouble pushing surface particles. However it only works if you don't have static on the disc. I typically still use the antistatic brush first, every time. Your room will vary. But unlike the instructions it's best to swipe outwards more than in a circle. Perhaps your results will be better in a circle if you have less static electricity. 

Brush #2:

This is a firm brush, meant to knockout things hiding in the grooves. This one makes this system more interesting, since it can get down to where few brushes can. But it won't replace a true cleaning system such as a sonic cleaner or such. I found it doesn't attract static as much as #1, and moves a fair bit of debris. But what you can't see is where it should be doing the most good, all those tiny particles it hits. My record playback is definitely a bit cleaner sounding. But as mentioned before without a doubt it's not replacement for a truly good cleaning with a machine. 

Brush #3:

My favorite! This is the soft brush for removing static and knocking off light leftover debris. I use it on the disc sometimes between using #1 and #2. And then sometimes even before I play, just as I put the lp on the platter. I've got a lot of static. 

It probably would be more appropriate to call it a Record Maintaining System – for that they work quite well. There are times when I revert back to my MoFi brush with some cleaning fluid because the Wasanbon simply cannot move some bits of debris; but I believe this is due to being wet to lubricate the removal more than the brush itself. And I would never condone them as the appropriate way to first clean used record finds that were used as a dust mat.

Aside from just helping to maintain records, I do take some pleasure in taking a moment to use the brushes. They're nice to hold, and in order to do it well you're holding the disc with your thumb on the label and fingers on the edge to keep it vertical, bringing you one step closer to the medium itself. Even if it's not the best possible cleaning system, like the ephemeral nature of vinyl itself that has all the other mediums pining over it's easy accessibility of use, the brushes are a pleasure to use that I'm not changing soon.

Text and photos: Jeremy Hood


$100.00 for the set


BOX : D90mm×H85mm
Brush : D22mm×H65mm
[Gross weight] 400g 

Straight Brush (Pink) : PBT(polybutyleneterephtalate)
Spread-Tipped Brush (Orange) : PET(polyethylene terephthalate)
Anti-Static Brush (Light Green) : Acrylic fiber
Handle : aluminium


Factory Headquarters:
100 Ashiya, 
Shin Onsen-cho, 
Mikata-Gun, Hyogo, 669-6701, 

Sales Department:
Sanko building 811, 
1-3-9 Minamihommachi, 
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Osaka, 541-0054

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