Ono Audio Paka speakers NEW

The Ono Paka is a radical departure from traditional speaker design, creating a listening experience that is dramatically different from anything that has come before it. Our novel driver placement and radiation pattern neatly sidesteps the problem areas inherent to traditional “drivers in a box” or planar speaker designs. The result is a huge sound stage without squeezing your listening party into the only tiny spot in your room that sounds decent. Electrostat-like inner detail without sacrificing dynamic range. Complete transparency without the need for a transit and laser level for millimeter precise positioning. Placement so easy, in fact, that you might have to actually shove one of the speakers into another room to break the stereo illusion.

In order to complete the illusion, we pioneered the use of the low moving mass, large motor Fostex Sigma driver in an open baffle, crossoverless, “tweeter and woofer augmented” role. Letting this remarkable driver handle the majority of the frequency band without phase shift or distortion from the crossover gives the Paka a distinct advantage where getting things even just a tiny bit wrong is immediately obvious. Filling out the low end is a super stiff aluminum cone woofer in a sealed enclosure for a time and phase correct bass response. The top end benefits from our Haas effect tweeter for just the right amount of sparkle without crossing into grainy. The end result is a remarkably distortion free and highly detailed response all the way through its 65hz - 24khz range.  

We are confident enough in the exceptional performance of our speakers to offer a 90 day no questions asked return policy. We love them, and we know you will too.