What's on the inside of NEW Ubiq Audio Ubiqu ultimate integrated amplifier

Here is the first and exclusive look on the inside of the new and upcoming Ubiq Audio Ubiqu ultimate integrated amplifier. Ubiqu is not classical integrated amplifier, but true, double mono design with whooping 3K power supply per channel. It explores the utmost take on the state of the art 21st century digital reproduction following strong demands from high-end audio aficionados, enthusiast and music lovers. 

Ubiq Audio Ubiqu is the first integrated that implements renowned MSB Analog DAC and host plethora of exotic, top grade components like Duelund copper and silver capacitors, Mundorf M Lythic capacitors etc.

Few of the highlights:

Duelund copper and silver capacitors 
MSB Analog DAC
double mono 2x 300W/8 (2x 600W/4) Ohm Class AB power amplifier with lateral Mosfet output transistors
2 x 3000W Hypex SMPS
Mundorf M Lythic 4pin PS capacititors
Copper cage for SMPS
dedicated top class industry connectors and internal wire
WBT Nextgen input and output connectors
WBT Faston connectors
iEgo power connectors 
Neodio feet
Hifi Tunning fuses
38 kg without typical transformers!

Review is already scheduled for Mono & Stereo. Stay tuned!