Zanden Audio ZVA-1 HANENITE Vibration Absorber

Whether designing an electronic component or an accessory like the ZVA-1 (Zanden Vibration Absorber), choice of materials is a crucial aspect of any design. For the ZVA-1 HANENITE, a low repulsion elastic material developed by Naigai Rubber, was chosen for its superior vibration and shock absorption characteristics. The ZVA-1 utilizes a 3 layer hybrid construction. Two different types of HANENITE are laminated and mounted on a urethane mat to effectively eliminate unwanted vibrations. 

External vibrations which affect audio equipment can be generally classified into two groups: airborne and floor borne. Sound waves travel through the air and excite the chassis of audio components causing them to vibrate. At the same time the speaker is transmitting the musical impulse through the floor. This energy propagates up through the stand and into the components. 

Unlike most vibration control devices which focus on one source of vibration, the ZVA-1 resolves the situation by effectively eliminating both sources of vibration. Using it with your favorite audio and video components, you will enjoy a higher quality experience.


Material HANENITE-Rubber, HANENITE-Gel, Urethane
Structure Three Layer Hybrid
Diameter 80mm
Thickness 10mm
Weight approx. 31g
Loading Capacity 28kg