Acoustical Systems SMARTractor update

Acoustical Systems offer an extra long positioning beam for the SMARTractor. This now allows alignment of tonearms with up to 16“ effective length !!

With the SMARTractor XL the user can precisely alignment and position tonearms with up to 410 mm P2S / mounting distance !!
Tonearms like Kuzma 4P 14“ and some other extremely long effective length tonearms can now be aligned with the SMARTractor with ease.

The XL-positioning beam is available separately for a retail price of £155.00 It can replace the standard positioning beam without the need to re-calibrate.

It is a 1-minute-plg’n’play substitute which can easily be installed by the customer. Please see picture for reference and illustration. The XL-positioning beam is mounted - in comparison you see the standard positioning beam de-mounted.