Audia Akustyka Primus OTL tube amplifier

Audia Akustyka Primus OTL tube amplifier operates in push-pull configuration via two gain stages; voltage (ECC88 or EF810 tubes) and current (6C33C) and minimal signal path with the position lamp voltage level at the input terminals.


Fully symmetric
Automatic matching tail lamp
Changing the volume and balance, also a remote control
Input: XLR or RCA (switching remote control only).


Frequency response: 10 - 40 000 Hz
Load impedance: 8 Ohm
6S33S power tubes, two per channel
Tube voltage level EF810 or ECC88, two per channel
Output Power: 2 x 18 W
Power consumption: 350 W
Housing made ​​of polished or brushed stainless steel
Weight: 20 kg
Dimensions: 36 x 44 x 25 cm.