Clean ears - audiophile and music lover’s best friends

As many of you asked me about my personal experiences with the ear wax, cleaning and proper ear maintaince I’m sharing my experiences and practice.

First of all its good to have ears inspected at least once per year. Beside my regular doctor I’m also paying the visit to audiologist, for a reality check regarding where is my frequency threshold. I won’t go in details as many people are too quickly irritated, but my last check has shown way over 13k mark. I’m more then happy with the results ;)…

Your personal doctor should check out for any potential ear wax “caps” that might be blocking sound from entering the ear canal. You won’t believe how many times old was plug blocks out the ear and this results in a grand portion of sound blocking. 

When ear are cleaned by the hot water and injection (i strongly suggest to avoid home implementation), next step is a steady ear cleaning. For me the best way is to simply clean my ears 2-3 times per week with Audispray Adult from Switzerland.

With Audipray Adult you just gently spray once in each ear, massage it for 3-5 seconds and clean/dry it out with towel. If its needed, dry out again after two minutes. 

Avoid the usage of cotton sticks! They are not only dangerous and can seriously damage the ear drum, but instead of clearing the wax, they usually just push the wax towards the ear drum when its rather get accumulated then cleared out. 

Hope this helps…

Matej Isak