LessLoss new prototype wire and cables

For years, LessLoss has been working on raising the bar on quality while doing everything in their power to crunch the price. A new generation of cables has been long in the works.

All starts at very small dimensions, and what works at small dimensions is grown into the cable's final size without introducing any sonic compromise along the way.

Above photos shows standard sized pencil next to what is actually a sixteen strand wire assembly made up of a balanced number of 8 enameled strands turning to the right, and 8 enameled strands turning to the left, and these being inter-woven into the braid you see pictured. Out of this base material is created the new generation cable, a cross section of which is depicted below:

The black insulating material you see is 100% natural cotton fibre. Here is a picture of part of the build process which shows how the cotton is untied from the assembly before removal:

These cables are yet prototypes and are not yet ready for market, but they are fully functional and help the public envision to what degree we are moving ahead in terms of audio fidelity. We will also feature a dissected model in physical form so that people can get a hands on impression of the technology involved.

This particular model features 192 individually enameled strands. Here they are dissected to show their organization in the system:

Although the model shown contains 192 strands, the power cords made for the show will have a total of 456 individual strands and will be made of multiple concentric layers.

This new wire from LessLoss features two-scale fractal replication of mutually superposed counter-twisted cores. This enhances the mutual cancellation of inductive twists, which are completely balanced in this design. The noise drops to record lows and the music comes through without any coloration.

The strands used in this new wire are covered with thinnest technically possible colorless lacquer layer. There is no plastic throughout; instead, the cable is constructed from tightly braided 100% natural cotton fiber with double coverage for added protection. This results in a very lightweight, highly flexible, naturally sounding product with today's best performance characteristics for delicate audio applications. This is the future of LessLoss.