LessLoss soft launch of the Laminar Streamer

LessLoss soft launch of the Laminar Streamer:

“Our room had a great view of the river below and this formed a good horizon for contemplation, in contrast to the usually claustrophobic atmosphere of audio shows.

We set up in the corner, and placed the Laminar Streamer dead center. We also had a laptop source off to the side which provided USB streaming through the USB Firewall Keys and Enhancers. All components except the specially made volume control were placed on Bindbreaker feet.

In true LessLoss tradition, without any fanfare or hoopla, hotel sponsored, unbranded paper cups were used as cable risers to ensure that our plastic-less prototype new generation cables did not make contact with the synthetic conference room rug.

Two Enhancer sets with a total of eight USB Firewall Keys were used in order to separate the computer's noise from the Echo's End DAC. We streamed using the Tidal service which provided an easy way for visitors to choose whatever recording they wanted.

This system contained multiple Firewall modules throughout. Four 5X Firewall modules, a distributor with 18 (two stacks of 9 in parallel), and 3 stacks of 9 Firewall modules within the Echo's End DAC, for a total of 65 Firewall modules throughout the system.

These new Firewall modules are a DIYer's dream tool. So easy to implement and such superb results in terms of smooth, solid, calm sound which entails all of the original dynamic response and emotional purity the musicians 'laid down on tape.' People were astounded by the depth and clarity of the results. One choir track especially gave many visitors goose bumps. It was definitely the best, most insightful sound we had ever achieved. Of course, we'll do even better next year. :)

We set up a wall of posters depicting all of the steps necessary in order to connect just one plug onto our new generation prototype cables. At LessLoss we don't like to keep secrets. Sharing our achievements and also their explanation is always a pleasure.

People also enjoyed seeing our live model of a dissection of a part of our new generation cable technology. It was a late whim to put this on a board and bring it along, but it proved to be most popular for people to scrutinize up close. We have many, many prototype models amassed over the years and will likely show a sort of "prototype museum" at next year's show.”