Oswalds Mill Audio inspiring update

An update from the world of OMA. 

“This has been a crazy week for us. On Wednesday, we had F1 racing champion Lewis Hamilton over to the studio for a photo shoot for Rolling Stone and, of course, a good listening session. He is an extremely nice man and has great taste in music. We listened to a lot of James Brown, Michael Jackson, and Bob Marley.

On Thursday, the singer Alicia Keys came by to celebrate the release of her new album at our showroom and posted a Facebook Live video DJ-ing Nina Simone on OMA big Imperia system. 

F1 champion Lewis Hamilton visited the showroom and got close and personal with our newest speaker, The Monitor. Did you know he is working on a new album? We are looking forward to hearing it! Alicia Keys & Lewis Hamilton in one week! Guess hifi lifestyle isn't dying, it's just getting started.”