Peter Avgeris DHT SET ultimate tube amplifier project!

“This is going to be the most crazy project of all! After this project I will retire from the business of building insane SET power amplifiers and focus on my job. It will materialize all my knowledge and experience of building the craziest SET amplifiers.

It will include everything: all DHT tube driven, all transformer coupled, all tube rectified HV supplies with mercury vapor tubes, all tube rectified filaments with mercury vapor tubes, no capacitor in the signal path, no capacitor on any cathode, no negative supplies for any grid, only cathode biasing, all HV supplies equipped with the best PIO ICAR SP25 caps ever seen on planet, and last but not least, it will include a total of 28 iron pieces per mono channel, all made out of the best, custom made, most exotic ferromagnetic material for audio applications."

"This is going to be the most crazy and best sounding amplifier ever made on earth, in terms of sound quality. It might sound as a narcissistic comment but after the initial listening impression this afternoon, it is just a modest reality. A mere 5 Watts of RMS power is more than enough to drive you to heaven. It will feed the most crazy loudspeakers with Lansing drivers transformed to field coil motors, with very high voltage supplies (around 600 Volts for the field coils!), rectified with mercury vapor rectifier tubes, exotic iron pieces throughout, etc…” - Peter Avgeris

Stay tuned!