Phantom Art Auriga hybrid amplifier NEW

All new extravagant Phantom Auriga Hybrid Tube - Mosfet Amplifier...

"Auriga Phantom is an icon, whose concept is truly unique and that needs to be looked at from many sides at once. Everywhere you can see a very different technology of design, extraordinary and high-quality electronic workmanship, materials selected without compromise and an artistic creation of our designing studio.

The whole operational amplifier is fixed on a specially designed 4 mm thick, aluminum bearing plate anchored in the outer stainless steel chassis. Covering floors for the circuit boards and other necessary components are placed on the bearing plate in the hight of 19.5 mm. This spatially separated solution enables obtaining the structures with exceptionally high physical strength. It also provides enough space for electrical cables.

For a fully functional and exact creation of the base, the accuracy of workmanship is maintained in an impressive deviation 0.1 mm. Due to the difficult position of the various components and variety of anchorage points, this measure is necessary."

For the illustration, the deviation 0.1 mm is approximately equal to the thickness of 2 human hair lying side by side.

Excellent advantages of this unique processing technology are:

•    Our own original design,
•    the outstanding rigidity of the entire assembly,
•    stylish cover of all the eye disturbing electrical wires,
•    simple final adjusting of the electrical circuits.
All the features are available regardless of the external chassis or cover of each amplifier and enable the best possible sound transmission.

Each of the two glass sidewalls of AURIGA contains 5 precisely designed stainless steel panels with a total thickness of 12.5 mm of pure metal. This leads to perfect fixation of special "float" glass colored within the material and massive physical strengthening of both amplifier sides. AURIGA also brings the innovation in our invisible cooling, where the air flows as a coolant between the supporting chassis and the individual layers of specially designed shape flanges. The cooling system is unique, does not disturb visually and does not interfere in the concept of our design.
The main cooling of stainless steel 1.5 mm thick plates is designed with maximum emphasis on the performance, like sufficient delivery of the heated air emerging inside the amplifier.

Shape processing with clear lines of the cooling set is in tune with the other elements, like  security covers of electronic tubes and the front face of the amplifier.

Ventilation culverts of cooling are also invisible, so again, do not interfere the overall visual  impression of the product.

Front panel is absolutely innovative in many parts. 

Used materials are: 

•    2 mm thick stainless steel frame
•    over 10 mm thick light attenuator Murylon
•    diffusers for each control
•    hand-grinded optic light fibers
•    thick aluminum touch controls - Capacitive touch / proximity switch with auto - calibration.

Bearing block of electronic tubes, combination of stainless steel and aluminum, solid, stable, the vertically movable design element which is necessary for the amplifier completion.

The volume control block is a massive, coordinated sophisticated element with equally valuable materials with numerous innovative features and overall operational systems and unconventional design. The volume control of 70 mm stainless steel tubes placed in two successive bearing seats lightly interrupted by turning the strong 1.2 Nm stepper motor brings us the unique and unforgettable feeling.

The engine is controlled by its own microprocessor and transmits the rotatory moment to control unit using the 9 mm wide tooth belt with steel cord.

The conditions of the regulator at positions min. and max. are controlled by an automatic lighting system of top microsensors Omron, and even with mechanical control by the human hand, there is no audible interference impact in extreme positions, as the volume module is equipped with our silicone physical dampers.

During the transfer from the regulator‘s axis to Japanese high-end TKD potentiometer, the stress in the axial direction is eliminated because this unit is designed with the noiseless coupling system with the help of silicone material.

Tuning of the module’s position during it‘s placement and completion is adapted by the spring appliance, thanks to whichs the module can be tuned with accuracy to one tenth.

Aluminum touch operating elements, our tube covers, or inside hidden carrier on the potentiometer axis are unique design features, which create overall impression and enhance the feeling and extent of creative ideas formed by us.

Complete connecting stainless steel material, screws with the flush head perfectly fitted with our surface, the screws and parts prepared by galvanic chroming, in-depth descriptions and laser marking, surfaces painted and fired in an oven at 200 ° C degrees, hand ground and hand polished to a high gloss. Package of 19 mm special material Senosan in black piano gloss, storage on the satin base.

These and also other not-mentioned characteristics are indications that convince you by the actual meeting with Phantom AURIGA that you are facing something...something unprecedented.


Material: INOX
Audio Connectors: 8um Rhodium plated
Output power: 132W/ 4 Ohm, 80W/ 8 Ohm
Frequency response: 20 - 20 000 Hz +0/ -0.1dB
Total harmonic distortion THD: 0.003% (4 Ohm 1kHz 132W), 0.006% (4 Ohm  10kHz 132W), 0.008% (4 Ohm  20kHz 132W)
Slew rate: 47/ us
Intermodulation distortion IMD: 0.006% (4 Ohm 60Hz/ 4:1.132W)
Input sensitivity: 0.9V/ 132W/ 4 Ohm, 0.9V/, 80W/ 8 Ohm
Damping factor: < 1000

Digital to Analogue Converter DAC

Total harmonic distortion THD: 0.0003%
Sampling frequency: 24 - bit 192 kHz
Dynamic range: 127 dB
Asynchronous USB

Inputs: Cd - Usb - Coax - Xlr
Dimensions/ mm (HxWxD): 216 x 480 x 610
Weight: nett 42 Kg