Silbatone RP6900 Mazinga Amplifier

This Mazinga amplifier takes simplicity and parts count to the extreme. The audio circuits consist of two transformers and one tube. No resistors, no capacitors. Yes, the current regulated power supply is somewhat sophisticated and complex but that is the price sometimes paid to get the best performance out of simple circuits.

While the parts in the Mazinga amplifier might be few in number, they are the finest quality pieces known to Man. The input transformer is silver wire on a high permeability core, the tube is a rare Bendix 6900 twin-triode which was only used in jet fighter avionics and the Nike Early Warning System of the Cold War. One of the highest-specification tubes ever made.

The output transformers are really special in this amp. They are Silbatone's unique silver foil secondary units using 2kg of silver wire on unobtainable huge Finemet cores. One literally has to “know somebody” connected at Hitachi to get these made, but fortunately we know him. Unbelievable material with unparallelled capability.

The end result of this adventurous project is a very lively amplifier with incredible resolution and a sense of speed and natural presentation that we found very impressive. Mazinga might earn the lowest power rating of any amplifier at the HighEnd show, but we invite you to experience what 850 milliwatts of rather ambitious simplicity can do paired with our high-sensitivity Western Electric systems, a mixture of old and new that we are happy to share with our visitors!