The vinyl album of the week!

Mailman just brought another black gem few minutes ago! Saint-Saëns/ Liszt - Michele Campanella, Monte Carlo Opera Orchestra, Aldo Ceccato ‎– Piano Concerto No. 4 / Totentanz | Hungarian Fantasy.

I’ve followed our Senior Analog Contributing writer Richard H. Mak’s recommendation (Philips ‎– 6500 095) and my gosh… Even my wife stepped in to comment (a rare thing)on both sound and music.

Mesmerizing music with sound, that really celebrate vinyl records at their best! Fantastic start of the week.

Guys, this is a gem that you could get mint for around 10$.

Conductor – Aldo Ceccato
Liner Notes – Robin Golding
Orchestra – Monte Carlo Opera Orchestra*
Photography By – Johnny Dirkse
Piano – Michele Campanella

Matej Isak