Trinity Reference AC Conditioner

Some information about the TRINITY Reference AC Conditioner. Its  not only a AC conditioner, it also contains high efficiency earth line filters for each outlet to clean the earth line and decouple each outlet from the other.  

Here just some background information collected before started this project. Enclosed a spec from the NSA - NSA No.94-106 (24. October 1994) "National Security Agency Specification for Shielded Enclosures". This required attenuation was for me the target, even if this spec is related to shielded rooms and not for regular living rooms. Nevertheless the power supply requirement for such shielded rooms are the same.

“So in my eyes it is an overkill application for a living room, but we speak about a TRINITY product and everybody (who know and own TRINITY products) expect the best of the best and nothing else.”

Some notes about the used medical grade connectors, they have a so-called 5-leaf structure for low contact resistance and superior plug retention, which is necessary for all the heavy power cables with a high net weight.

In addition the outlets are very close to the floor, so that the power cables do not have to hang down on the AC conditioner, but lay directly on the floor. Furthermore the outlet is not flash mounted as usual, but with a 5mm deep plane surface, which gives the connection of the power connector with the outlet more mechanical rigidity.