Verite Musicale rare vinyl gem

I got on loan this disc from my pal Enrico... it's a 45 rpm recorded with a (Charlin's?) dummy-head miking technique and the star of the disc is a 1716 gorgeous Donzelague's harpsichord.

The disc is a truly seldom seen, sought-after wax, indeed... in same league than my beloved, Georges Kisselhof's engineered Sarastro, also a 45 rpm disc, also a French production.

... but... BUT what makes this disc quite a rare breed, the back cover liner notes shows something unique: VM - Verite Musicale, the label itself shows an hidden sort-of "secret"!

The label claims the availability, for the discerning audiophile, of open-reel master copies of the superb recording, also offering different standards - i.e. 19 cm/s NAB/Dolby B or DBX and 38 cm/s CCIR/IEC with DBX noise reduction!

... something only Barclay-Crocker in the USA made... since the recent renaissance of master-dubs galore from several sources, as per my friend River Yu's cool directory.

A nice find, indeed.

Thanking Enrico for the opportunity.

Stefano Bertoncello