Acoustic Preference GRACIOSO 2.0 Limited Edition speakers

Acoustic Preference Gracioso 2.0 LE Limited Edition official high quality photos of the all new, upgraded and handcrafted loudspeakers, that will be produces only in 99 pairs.

Only the best high grade components are used and they are completely hand made from start to finish with the highest standards and quality control. Every pair is tested and partially burned-in (approx. 100 hours) before delivery.

Every produced pair comes a Limited Edition CERTIFICATE, with its own serial number.

Technical data

2-way/bass reflex system (down fire)
12 dB/oct/LKR/2800 Hz crossover
Frequency response: 37 Hz - 35 kHz
Sensitivity: 91 dB / 1W/ 1m
Power/Impedance: 150 W / 8 Ohm
Dimensions: 255 (315) x 355 (420) x 1040 mm (W x D x H) with spikes
Weight: approx. 27.0 kg/unit; approx. 2 x 48 kg with wooden crates.


Prestigious walnut wood - integral construction system
4 layers hand waxed - natural wax oil
Dispersed “down fire” bass reflex system
Magnet grill holder system
Special made ceramic flat feet (f 48mm) manufactures Franc Audio Accessories for Limited Edition model.
Each pair with its own serial number engraved on the aluminum terminal plate.