BLUE MOON Micro System NEW

On December 18, 2016  Blue moon audio technology will present their new Micro System, a compact and complete Hi-Fi Audio System. 

The Micro System “Media Center Entertainment” combined “Micro System Center” and a pair of “ML 0.5″ 2-way speakers as an all inclusive system, that supports audio files up to 24bit-192KHz resolution, stored on Hard Disk (USB link).

All of the Micro System Center functions are controlled by the wireless keyboard.


Audio Converter: (Reads High Resolution)
Preamplifier:  stereo2 channels
Amplifier Power:(280 watt x 2)
LoudSpeakers: (two-way high resolution)
Cable link for loudspeakers: 2,5+2,5 m
Monitor: TV and LCD
Keyboard: Remote