CH Precision reference high-end audio cables

Not everyone knows about the the CH Precision reference high-end audio cables developed in collaboration with Argento Audio…

“Pushing the boundaries of science in sound reproduction has and always will be CH Precision's only way to design products capable of bringing a genuine musical emotion. It is with this ambition in mind that we have developed the Reference series of cables, in close partnership with the widely acclaimed cable manufacturer, Argento Audio.

This line of cables comprises the Reference Balanced Link and the Reference Speaker Link. Both types of cables are made in the material with the best conductivity on planet Earth, the noble silver element. Connector contacts, wire strands and internal solder joints are all made of solid silver, providing the lowest possible impedance path between pieces of equipment.

The fine tuned combination of conductive strands interlaced with damping cotton fibers, unique cable twisting and a no shield design provides the Reference Silver Balanced Link with the extremely low capacitance necessary for outstandingly high bandwidth interconnection.

Besides, with pure silver pins, Teflon for non-conductive parts, all of which cast inside a non-magnetic metallic body, the Reference Silver Balanced Link cable allows the finest details of the audio material to be truthfully and accurately conveyed.

The CH Precision Reference Silver Balanced Link cable is designed to interconnect analog audio units, using balanced signaling through custom-made XLR connectors and is available in lengths from 0.5 meter, in 0.5 meter steps.”