Cost no object ultimate horn speakers experience

How does one ends the long and great year? Well, whith a fantastic journey into the exotic realms of cost no object, multimillion, ultimate, full blown horn system.

Calling, what I’ve experienced today the highlight of the year, would be an understatement. Its falls under the label of the of a lifetime experience. 

This custom, 128dB, active six way, active horn system, designed by Be Yamamura, with special ALE Beryllium driver diaphragms and custom DAC-digital crossover-room correction is a summa summarum of a project that started in 2005 and ended in 2015 by Marco.

I’ll go much more deeper with the description of complete system in few days, but let me assure you. This was the experience, that any utmost demanding audiophile and music lover cannot forget. Ever!

More to come…

Matej Isak  

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