DalbyAudioDesign 'Jundo' Has arrived

I’ve owned a few of the DalbyAudio products that are Pur Sang, bespoke creations from the enigmatic mastermind of Lee Dalby, who’s taking things way beyond your typical expectations. Think Bugatti! 

Dalby ultra high-end audio is boutique and bespoke in equal measure. He has created something in an audio product I covert. I drool and there's no apologies for it.

The latest fruits of DalbyAudio's single-mindedness arrives in the form of the Jundo cables. These handcrafted, made to order devices, advance even further than their previous ’Ode' range, implementing micro litz and silver foil conductors.

"Jundo" means Purity in Japanese. Lignum tuning sleeves as seen are optional. Available in Power, speaker and XLR, RCA interconnects and USB.

I will be reviewing them very shortly, full report to follow.

Sniffing salts please.