Marton Opusculum Reference integrated amplifier

Marton Opusculum Reference integrated amplifier was designed as high quality, integrated stereo amplifier working partially in class A (30W). Separate power supply comes in the separate chassis. It was designed from ground up to work well with low efficient speakers.

Technical data:

Power supply: 230 V, 50-60 Hz
Output power (sine) for load 8 ohm; 2 x 250 Watts at 0.1% distortion 
Frequency response: 10 Hz-120kHz +/-1dB
Output power in class A: 2 x 30 W
Allowable load impedance range: 4-16 ohm Minimum load impedance for bridge mono: 8 Ohms!
Power consumption in idle state: ca 230 in
Permissible ambient temperature: 5-32 C
Dimensions: 485 x 630 x 330 mm
Weight: approx. 80 kg