New “state of the art” machines in the Vitus Audio and Alluxity production

Vitus Audio with Omron visibility 

Late November 2016 AVA Group, who produces the highly known and respected Vitus Audio brand, invested in an Omron S500 AOI (Optical Automated Inspection) machine to further improve quality and catch potential errors at preproduction stage.

"An AOI system is a must have for any size of electronic production company. The sheer speed, consistency and reliability is far greater than what any human eye could possibly catch, so it’s both more time efficient and it catches more errors than a manual inspection.

For more information and reasons why to have an AOI: link.

AVM-TEC adds an Essemtec Cubus to the production line

In extension of the Vitus Audio production upgrade AVM-TEC, who produces the brand high-end lifestyle Alluxity, added the highly intelligent climate controlled storage cabinet from Essemtec called Cubus. The Cubus can store up to almost 1.000 component reels while keeping a humidity level of less than 5%. The Cubus can communicate with the Essemtec Pick & Place machine (Paraquda) to keep track of stock amount, age, quality decay and automatically feed the needed components for a production. While there are many such storage systems, the essemtec Cubus is taking storage to a new level – and AVM-TEC is proud to be the first company and Denmark, (if not in Nordic) to have invested in this new technology.

All components gather moist over time and this moist can be a crucial factor in the lifetime of a component. Components stored in high humidity will have much greater chance to break during the solder process and if this doesn’t ruin the component right away, it will shorten the lifespan significantly and cause errors in the field you would otherwise not have.

Storing the components in the correct environment and keeping track over the time spend outside this environment will help add years to a products long liveability and minimize failure rate of finished products.

For more information: link.