PureAudioProject PAP-Horn1 Trio15 speakers NEW

“Dear Friends, almost a year of multinational design efforts come to end with the launch of the PAP-Horn1 Trio15, a model we are so excited to release !

'PAP-Horn1 Trio15' is a very unique set ! It brings both, the sonic bliss of Open Baffle and the live feel of a well designed wood-horn, to a peak that we are most proud of… There is no greater pleasure for us than knowing that so many music fans around the world are deeply touched by the music they love , playing from our speakers, and PAP-Horn1 is definitely one of a kind to live with…

Just like all our Trio15 models, also the 'PAP Horn1' resides on our Trio15 Modular Open Baffle Platform, and differs from other models by the middle baffle with the horn, and the crossover. 
The PAP-Horn1 crossover is not only an example for top-end audiophile grade module, but much more. Our open design allows customers to swap the critical audio components and choose their preferable ones; all without the need to have any technical, DIY, or soldering skills ! The horn capacitor resides on gold-plated terminals, and is interchangeable with only a screwdriver. At any time, this capacitor (as well as it's serial resistor) can be swapped to different brands and models and be evaluated with your own ears to choose the one that matches your sonic DNA! Yes, so simple can this be !

The PAP-Horn1 Trio15 will be shipping from February 2017 but we here offer our existing and new customers a special limited pre-order offer!”