Spatial Audio X1 Uniwave Dipole Loudspeaker NEW

Clayton Shaw from Spatial Audio just sent in the first info about the brand’s new X1 Uniwave Dipole loudspeakers, that will be premiered at the Munich High-End Audio show in 2017…

Type: 2-way, active, full range design - ultra wideband dipole compression driver
Woofer: 18 inch dipole - composite cone, 40 lb magnet
Midrange/Tweeter: One 100mm compression driver diaphragm, 1.4 inch exit, waveguide loaded
Frequency Range: 18 Hz - 20 kHz 
Crossover Frequency: 300 Hz
Sensitivity: 95 dB
Maximum Input: 150W continuous
Nominal Impedance: woofer - 4 Ω, Compression driver - 16 Ω
External Dimensions (inches): 44 x 22x 4 inches
Weight: 155 lbs net each