Sugden Audio A21a Integrated amplifier

In 1990 Sugden introduced the A21a Integrated amplifier. It took a bit of time to get established as the market was unsure about a 25 Watt amplifier that cooked up to 31 degrees above ambient temperature. Within a couple of years it became Sugdens best selling product. Now in A21 Signature guise, it remains faithful to the original A21a with only a few improvements and changes. 

Gone are the balance control, mono and tape switches but the motorised remote volume control is a very useful addition. The pre-amplifier is unchanged but has a new layout to shorten signal paths. The power amplifier section is exactly the same but with low inductance components allowing the amplifier to make the most of its pure class A circuit. Finally, a stiffer power supply provides more current and better control of loudspeakers.