TAD ME-1 speakers NEW

The ME-1 features TAD's latest Coherent Source Transducer with a 1-inch Beryllium tweeter and a 3.5-inch Magnesium mid-range in the brand's signature concentric arrangement. These two drivers cover nearly 8 octaves of music with incredible phase coherence. The precision crossover network uses carefully selected air core coils, non-inductive winding resistors and low loss electrolytic film capacitors. Bass duties are handled by the custom 6.3-inch Multi-layered Aramid Composite woofer which uses a titanium bobbin and large ferrite magnet to reproduce deep powerful bass without coloration.

These state-of-the-art drivers are housed in a structurally inert cabinet constructed of rigid birch and MDF. TAD's proprietary bi-directional slot port eliminates noise and reduces the cabinets internal standing waves. The side panels are made of 4mm steel and further increase cabinet rigidity. The main body of the cabinet is finished in a beautiful piano black.

TAD has managed to scale technology first used in the Reference One loudspeaker into its most compact form. In doing so, the Micro Evolution One can exist in harmony with nearly any domestic environment and offer uncompromising sound quality.

The ME-1 will be demonstrated at CES January 5th - 8th, in the TAD / MoFi Distribution room Venetian Suites 30-139.

MSRP $12,495 / pair 

MoFi and TAD will proudly host the US debut of the TAD Micro Evolution One loudspeaker at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. This landmark model represents a new entry point for the brand in both size and price with complete TAD technology.

Main specifications: TAD-ME1-K Speaker

Type: 3-way, bass reflex, bookshelf type 
Speaker Structure: 3-way system 
Woofer: 6.3-inch cone type 
Midrange/Tweeter: Coaxial 3.5-inch cone type / 1-inch dome type 
Reproduction Frequency Band: 36 Hz-60 kHz 
Crossover Frequency: 420 Hz, 2.5 kHz 
Output Sound Pressure Level: 85 dB (2.83 V-1 m) 
Maximum Input: 150 W 
Nominal Impedance: 4 Ω 
Unit Polarity: Low range (+), middle range (+), high range (+) 
External Dimensions (inches): 9.88 (W) x 16.18 mm (H) x 15.83 mm (D) 
Weight: 44.09 pounds