Tara Labs The Grand Master Evolution ultra high end cables under the scope

The interest for upper echelon ultra high end audio cables is growing by each year, yet in the real world its very hard to evaluate them, as many are build per order and they took a considerable time to be made. There is not a lot of information about the Tara Labs top cable range and many have asked me regarding their potency, impact and performance. Here is the first glimpse into the Tara Labs exotic universe.

When it comes to certain price range many might automatically shift into the reserve and critical mood. For me its about listening and learning. I’m not saying all the gear can be justified for their given hefty price tags and with prices going up by each year there are certainly many products being made just for the sake of luxury marketing… Still… My curious mind is an open book, that wants to explore all the possibilities and paths when its possible. 

It takes few weeks to complete these flagships. Tara Labs The Grand Master Evolution XLR interconnects cables with Dual Monoblock HFX Floating Ground Station under the review are certainly something very different even from the design point of view and brands heritage.

In the era where sonic ultra transmission capabilities comes as forte, The Grand Master Evolution walks, the walk! With what they can achieve, of course when mated with the proper systems points towards elusive, immersive and state of the art with a grand impact and in absence of volatile and tempestuous signature often associated even with the bigger players.

More to come in due time…

Matej Isak