The Lost Recordings collection €7,000 vinyl lacquers

The Lost Recordings collection at €7,000 gets you four lacquers to be played each, only once…

“Vector of absolute emotions, the lacquer is a truly fascinating object of which only a few craftsmen still master the cutting. Thanks to its physical properties, it is possible to cut all the finest details and textures of a recording.

Yet, the lacquers are never listened to since they are only used in the vinyl manufacturing process to create the pressing die.

Few people in the world had the chance to listen to this unique medium. With The Lost Recordings collection, we offer you the opportunity to live and share this intense emotional experience.

Discover the ultimate analog medium.

Crafted out of aluminium and coated with a soft nitrocellulose lacquer, heavier and wider than a vinyl (14” instead of 12”) with a hypnotizing deep blue edge, the lacquer wears off as it is listened to.

Just like tasting a great wine or living the pure experience of a live concert, listening to a lacquer is a fleeting chance that can only be lived once.

The sublime and ephemeral alliance of music and craftsmanship.”  

Outside the case: calf leather
Inside the case: suedettee
A leather case with 4 lacquers for a double album, 2 lacquers for a single album
Story of the concert and of The Lost Recordings collection
User guide for the lacquers
Vinyl album + download card to obtain the digital files
Hi-Res 24 bits Studio Masters 176.4 kHz available on demand
Only 30 lacquer sets per album have been made. and each one of them is numbered.

Link: here.