Visit to Elite Audio Systems in San Francisco, California

I had a wonderful evening meeting Michael Woods and visiting his Elite Audio Systems high-end store in San Francisco, California. 

Elite Audio Systems is a beautiful, loft-like, multi-level, high-ceilinged audio salon with numerous large listening spaces.  The store is fronted by a gourmet coffee shop.

Michael carries some of the top brands in the audio world, including Karma, Magico, CH Precision and VAC.

When I visited Michael he was featuring the Karma Exquisite Midi Grand, driven by CH Precision electronics.  Michael also has a one-of-a-kind-in the USA De Baer Sapphire turntable and tonearm on which was mounted an Ortofon Anna cartridge.  I did not have the opportunity to hear this Karma system because the speakers had just been sold and the purchaser asked Michael not to play them anymore.

Downstairs Michael also showcased the Magic S5 and a smaller Karma model with Viola Labs electronics.

Upstairs Michael displayed the new Magic M3 driven by the entry-level CH Precision electronics.  Vinyl was being spun by a Spiral Groove turntable.

Michael showed me the Manger Audio bending wave driver speaker, a unique speaker from Germany.

Michael is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and he has been in the high-end audio business a very long time.  He knows pretty much everyone in the industry.

Michael has very close relationships with the manufacturers of the products he carries, and this helps his clients greatly in the unlikely event a product malfunctions.  Despite the long haul from California Michael attends the Munich High-End show almost every year.

If you find yourself in Northern California you definitely should visit Elite Audio Systems and meet Michael Woods!

Ron Resnick

Michael Woods
Elite Audio Systems
893A Folsom Street
San Francisco, California 94107