Volya Audio Bouquet speakers first impressions

Volya Audio Bouquet flagship speakers surely made an impact on many fronts. This 120K EUR bespoke creations couldn’t be farer from any typical norms.

Beauty is always in the eye of a beholder, but I was gobsmacked with the refined, hand painted details on the Bouquet enclosures. As a standalone object of art and in absence of expensive Accuton driver a sole statue of such form and work associated would come with hefty, five digit price sticker. Double it, add sonic paraphernalia and the sum quite quickly looses ultra expensive chasm.

I’m not the biggest fan of Accuton drivers. Without proper execution and even then they can unlikely escape their inherited nature. Some of the upper echelon audio companies already tried to push the evenlope, but the results so far was farer from the truth expected for such premium pricing.

So what’s different with Volya Audio Bouquet speakers? For a starter, the shape of the enclosures is something of wild difference compared to anything seen so far. First thin comes to mind after visual scan was the traditional Lute stringed instrument. I’m more then sure, that the inspiration behind the Bouquet was a creation of bespoke, ultimate musical “instrument” that will suit particular ears, minds and hearths. My whole impression was affected by such aura.

By default Accuton drivers act very different from typical paper cone, being my usual, preferred choice. Particular decays and delays are disappearing to quickly, with some ceramic drivers  even instantly, yet Volya flagships acted differently. Is this due to the unique shape, crossover design or something even more intriguing? Not sure, but I’ll explore this particular agenda in the full review installment. Even more positively refreshing, diamond midrange and tweeter exhibited the airiness and liquidity more often associated with compression drivers and ribbons. Especially with metallic instruments, the lightness and amplitude shifts were capable of drama not expected, to be honest. 

So far I can openly say, how sonic wise Volya Audio Bouquet speakers inspiringly differ where it matters the most… At music!