Clinamen Audio Calabi-Yau 3 vie flagship speakers

Clinamen Audio "Calabi-Yau" is another exotic exploration of the ultimate audio expression from this peculiar Italian brand. Clabi-Yau (as it can be deciphered from the name) lurks into the theory, where different modes of vibrations forms the juxtaposition of known and unknown particles, that forms the sound.

Custom waveguide was chosen over typical “trumpet” horn principle in order to increase efficiency in proper way and to adapt to the sensitivity of the woofer (97dB) without typical hubris’ like colorations, non-linearity and distortions.

Calabi-Yau’s tweeter is suspended through the springs, that prevents the transmission of vibrations from the main enclosure. 

The bass cabinet have unique rear tunable “door” that offers a fine tuning of low frequency response and easier handling of the  room.

The crossover components are wax and Clarity Cap capacitors of highest grade.  

Calabi Yau can be ordered in any color or birch plywood finish,  for those who prefer natural feel of the wood.