Clinamen Audio Kaluza-Klein reference tube preamplifier

Fifth dimension of sound? A unified field theory of gravitation going beyond the usual four of space and time!? Certainly an intriguing name for the preamplifier :)…

Clinamen Audio Kaluza-Klein reference preamplifier represents Clinamen flagship preamplifier, that approaches the purist path with simplified design and as little as possible electronically components in the signal path. 

Clinamen team aimed for non-mechanical sound, that reflect live music, without emphasizing anything.

Kaluza-Klein uses E182CC, single triode per channel, in parallel configuration without resorting to any form of feedback. The stage is coupled to the output via output transformer, in order to further lower the impedance of the preamplifier output. For “smoothing” of the power supply and absence of the electrical spiking effect Kaluza-Klein sports  EZ81 tube rectifier tube.