Disc of the Year

This was the VERY last disc missing in my HUGE Clemencic's collection... I knew of this very disc thanking my friend Frank, who found my chance in Austria for cheap.

I paid more but thanking the Always useful DiscoGS' I was able to find a mint copy... in Lithuania;-)

This is - as a Japanese pal told me "one of the VERY best in Whole Hungaroton catalog"... and I SURE agree: it's an absolute masterpiece, both sonically AND musically.

Percussions of every size and shimmering cymbals are top quality: oud, saz, flutes and female voices are all well here... and I mean here in my room.

The cymbals are of truly seldom heard beauty: freely resonating, not harsh but naturally ringing with harmonics a-plenty.

As a plus, this disc, as many, many Others by Renè Clemencic, represents a freedom and brotherhood dream made true - i.e. people of different religions, nationalities, languages playing together, in peace, in the name of the one and only, truest of arts: Music.

Please browse the web to grab your copy, folks... 

Stefano Bertoncello