Fidelizer Nimitra Audio Server review

There’s no doubt… I’ve hopped on the digital band wagon and there’s no turning back. Most importantly, I’ve restored my faith in digital audio and its hard to keep the enthusiasm bottled with all the products coming out.

Before getting into Fidelizer’s Nimitra, let me say a word or two about Tidal and Roon. Both of these applications/services are playing a major role in exploded interest for not only digital audio, but more importantly, for the music.

With over 30 million tracks on Tidal and the latest introduction of Tidal Masters, I dare to say that there is no better time to explore and enjoy music as the current flow of audio affairs allows us to. However, this is only a small part of it.

Partner Tidal with Roon and a very unique, symbiotic world is forged. With Tidal’s musical library and Roon’s handling of meta data, many people are digging way deeper into the music, exploring the connected links to composers inspirations, different variation of performances, etc.

Roon of course goes beyond this task and handles the replay of digital audio files and streaming with its own potent code hidden below the surface. Enno Vandermeer and his team followed the right path at the right time and where the results positioned Roon, as Enno told me, was unexpected.

But, I do share Enno’s happy moments and look forward even more to the 1.3 update that will bring parametric EQ, dithering, up-sampling, convolution, and more. I’ll be digging deeper in an upcoming exclusive article soon, but Roon is becoming much more than just a digital replay solution and digital hub; with the 1.3 version we’re finally stepping into the needed and expected juxtaposition of hardware and software. Having convolution and parametric EQ implemented natively brings something I’ve been trying to nail with the combination of software and hardware for years all while lurking into the pro-audio side. This direction is a major step forward that will clearly push even more devices to adopt Roon Ready protocol.

So why so much focus on Roon in this review? As you’ll read on, Nimitra comes as an exemplary device that seamlessly embrace’s Roon as one of the inner hearts of it operation.


Nimitra is a brainchild of Keetakawee Punpeng, the author of that it was already reviewed here.

Keetakawee, since 2012 through his Fidelizer venture, explored multitudes of fine-tunings and improved computer audio solutions for audiophiles since 2012. After years of experiences he designed, what was the common wish of many, a true plug and play computer audio server.

Nimitra can be a:

Music Server
Library Server
Network Player

It’s based on the Windows 10 Pro operating system that was designed from the ground up to operate as a no brainer music/library server and network player. It takes only 30 seconds to boot up and when its ready the computer voice will alert you with “Nimitra ready” status.

Nimitra came with JPlay Streamer, Asset uPNP, Roon Ready and an HQPlayer NAA device installed as well as the latest windows USB Audio drivers in market including my MSB Select DAC.

Within Roon system there are two primary options. Nimitra can act either as Roon network player with PC (laptop, desktop) taking place of the main (audio processing) core or as a Roon standalone Server. By connecting your USB DAC to the one of the USB audio ports (blue ones) Nimitra transforms from USB DAC into network player that can stream audio to connect DAC as Roon ready and HQPlayer NAA device. Of course, HQPlayer can act either as standalone network play inside the application or run connected with Roon application. Many of us like and love exploring HQPlayer’s complex world of dithering, modulators, etc. and Nimitra’s simple implementation makes all the sense.
I’ve played around with all three core system audio outputs; MSB WASAPI, MSB ASIO driver, and JPlay. They all sounded great with JPlay sounding a bit more transparent, dynamic and stressless having undergone fine tuning by Keetakawee Punpeng.

I’ve had zero hiccups with WASAPI from the start. ASIO and JPlay needed a bit of optimization, but once it was set optimally it ran without stopping the audio.

Generally, for compatibility and reliability, WASAPI might be a safe choice to go, but its worthy to explore ASIO and JPlay for more F1-like tuning :). A quick note: ASIO locked particularly well with DAC’s implementing XMOS based chip!

Nimitra works as a music server if an outboard USB storage device and USB DAC are connected. When joined with the preferred device on your network, a complete music collection becomes easily reachable via Linn Kazoo or any other uPNP application.

As mentioned above, Nimitra can also act as a library server in place of NAS when an outboard USB storage unit is connected. When joined to the local network it can stream audio through 

Asset uPNP transcoding to WAV format before streaming directly to JPlay Streamer and other network players. This approach allows both DSD streaming and Internet Radio.

Nimitra can be controlled by using the following uPNP remote control software with these particular combinations:

Windows: Kazoo, Kinsky, foobar2000 + foo_upnp 
Mac: Kazoo, Kinsky 
iOS: Kazoo, Kinsky, mconnect player (TIDAL Support) 
Android: Kazoo, Kinsky, BubbleuPNP (TIDAL Support)


No moving parts inside of Nimitra and solid state drive attached directly to onboard slot as well as low powered processor with low voltage memory greatly reduces pollution inside the system. With 12VDC input, power supply adapter can be changed for future upgrades.

Nimitra is a fanless machine, thus no vibration, and no noise pollution! No moving parts, no vibration and no data/power cable certainly helps with lowering of signal degradation. Further on direct 12VDC input power supply feeds the power directly to the board and in this way reduces noise and pollution inside even more.
Audio-grade isolating feet and three frame 3.5mm aluminium alloy chassis were chosen for lesser frequency shift .


As Nimitra is a turnkey device product, there is no need for a mouse, monitor, or keyboard for setup. Its streaming audio platform can work with uPNP app from just power on. If you use Roon in your system, Nimitra is Roon ready device so you can route audio output to Nimitra right away. Keetakawee Punpeng also offer full Teamviewer support.

Everything can be set either when you take place of the unit or once Nimitra is connected to the ethernet and to the audio system via remote desktop access. You can give a word to him and he’ll set everything up for you professionally.

If Nimitra runs as Roon Server, only iOS or Android application is needed for remote control. Of course both Tidal and Roon passwords are needed to be entered once. For those preferring complete privacy, normal USB keyboard/mouse is needed and a monitor or even a TV with HDMI input. If you don’t struggle with this, it takes less than a minute to set it up by Keetakawee.

As I’ve wanted to experience Nimitra as a fully enclosed system without the need of additional wifi router, I’ve asked Keetakawee to turn on the internal WiFi module and make it available for Iphone/Ipad remote control. Simply when Nimitra is powered on, the iOS device will connect to Nimitra’s wifi network and lock with Roon.


Nimitra was designed from the ground up as a true turnkey product. True plug & play approach in a complete absence of monitor/mouse/keyboard needs no software setup. You literary connect the ethernet, USB audio cable, and USB drive and the journey begins.

Remote desktop access (via Teamviewer) is more than welcome for audiophiles and music lovers without advanced computer knowledge. Keetakawee’s can help set everything as well as help update software and driver updates via Teamviewer support. What about a worst case scenario when all things can go south? If Nimitra can't work anymore after intensive customization, you can send it back for re-customization.

Nimitra acts as a turnkey device that supports the most present digital audio solutions and comes as an open platform allowing all possibilities that fits customers’ digital audio needs.

There is no need to access Nimitra’s computer side directly for audio file replay as the exterior USB drive can be the source of music files. All you need to do, is to transfer files from your computer to the USB drive and plug it in while Nimitra is running. My 128GB USB key showed up at once with Roon instantly recognizing and scanning the drive for files and add them to the library.

I’ve tried Nimitra with at least five different DACs without any problems. Keetakawee Punpeng really nailed it with his firstborn Window- based music server coming with what it feels as endless options and most importantly great sound.

Compared to some highly expensive servers, it’s actually quite an affordable high-end audio server with first class professional online support and assistance.

The biggest questions that will pop up is if Nimitra sounds better than a “normal” computer.

What I’ve noticed even after a first few days of system insertion was a noticeable stressless listening. Especially with prolonged listening hours, Nimitra vividly performed better than my Mac’s running as a Roon core. As Nimitra uses only about 5-7% of CPU utilization with, for example, native DSD256 file, the audio fine tuned music server surely make sense vs a PC which is usually a multitasking machine.

With the new Obsidian album by Mika Sasaki, a 24bit/88kHz download from, no extreme attention was needed to experience palpable difference between Nimitra and a typical computer based setup. The expansion of soundstage, transparency, and more detailed focus were repeatedly of no small portion. Nimitra managed to preserve balanced sound across a complete spectrum and a tonal balance much closer to reality. It just felt more complete and believable with Nimitra in action.

I've considered my Macbook 12" laptop running off the battery and when using audio files directly from SSD quite a player, but with Nimitra in action the step up was not subtle at all.

Intriguingly harmonic structure and transient response, as well the reconstruction of acoustical space and instruments radiated in full detail, rather then acting as sum of unknown particles. Rendition of the music was visceral and had even more soul then some of the quite heftier priced music servers. Considering the efforts for hardware/software integration and synergy the end result is a matured device with grand involving factor acting apparatus for 21st century high-end digital audio reproduction. 

The level of service and support Keetakawee Punpeng is offering is outstanding. Few of my friends who already tried or own Nimitra confirmed the same experience.

A friend from Asia, with an impressive high-end audio setup, didn’t miss his Aurender W20 anymore since acquiring Fidelizer’s Nimitra; he actually sold it. At ten times the price difference, it surely opens up a Pandora’s Box.

There are simply too many options available with Nimitra to cover in a single review. What I can conclude and report is only a small portion of what this music server can offer. I’ve especially enjoyed both Roon and HQ Player integrations where I’ve encountered zero problems with both setting up and sound once the final installation was made.

With Nimitra you’re buying into the complete Fidelizer experience, knowledge, and service. Daily, if not hourly, hands on support is worth every cent and Keetakawee acts like each and every customer is of utmost importance which is quite a refreshing change. Just try to get a proper email response for some similar products; it’s a nightmare with some manufacturers.

It’s hard not to be enthusiastic about Fidelizer’s Nimitra. Its proven greatly within day to day operation. Yes it is a Windows’s based computer at its core, but highly refined and optimized. For most people, reaching up to a complex computer audio state of affairs is a far too complex task and this is where Nimitra excels.

Nimitra and Keetakawee’s work deserves recognition and I’m happily giving out Mono and Stereo’s Highly Recommend Award not only for the product but for complete experience and professional service that comes with it. We might be used to personal, hands on customer service from some of non-audio luxury companies, but it’s about time that high end audio companies fully adopt the same principles if they want to keep their customers and get new ones. Hats off to Keetakawee for standing out of the box!

For anyone wanting to try out the Nimitra in their own home system, Keetakawee offers the unit with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Matej Isak


US $1395


  • CPU: Intel Celeron J1900 Quad Core 2.0GHz
  • Memory: 4GB DDR3L
  • USB: 5 x USB 2.0 / 1 x USB 3.0
  • Connectivity: LAN / WiFi / Bluetooth / HDMI / VGA
  • Power input: 12VDC with 2.5mm DC jack
  • Power supply: 12V 5A switching 100-240V 50/60Hz (PSU upgrade is coming soon)
  • Dimension: 225(W) x 44(H) x 200(D) mm
  • Weight: 2kg

* for streaming from built-in Asset uPNP library server with DSD64 support. JPLAY Streamer accepts only WAV and TIDAL streaming