MSB European headquarters & Fine Solutions

Few photos from the new MSB European headquarters and a Very Fine Solutions showroom. Official opening of the premises will be held at the last weekend in March with few prominent guests attending.

Frank Vermeylen and his team are doing something special. This unique venture, run by true music lovers and musicians is planned as cultural hub, that will spread the message of music appreciation and exhibit finest audio reproduction through the very selected high end audio products like MSB Technology, Tidal speakers, Thrax Audio electronics etc.

Frank and his team will encourage the younger musician to discover the world of classical music and explore the vast universe of different performances thought the state of the art high-end audio system.

Frequent live classical music events are planned and they will be recorded via state of the art MSB Technology ADC.
I was invited to the grand opening, so you can expect full report in due time.

Matej Isak