Next Sound Dwarf 400W Class A tube power amplifier

Dwarf 400W ($22.000 ) Class A (420 Watts) fully balanced tube power amplifiers are Next Sound’s ultimate take on the of state of the art high end audio reproduction. These amplifiers uses Eimac 304TL direct heated triode in combination with KT88 driver tube. 

As Dwarf allows the adjustment of operating mode, more then 14 types of driver tubes can be used like KT66, EL34, VT60, 6V6, 6W6GT, 6F6, 807, 6L6, 6P6S, 6P3S etc.

The high-voltage power supply uses Aerovox film capacitors, full silver signal wiring is from Audio Synthesis and Japanese pro attenuator comes from TKD.


Next Sound "Dwarf 400W"
Type - balanced mono power amplifier
Nominal output power Class A (8 Ohms), W - 420
Input impedance, k - 50
Sensitivity, B - 0.5
Frequency response (± 0,5 dB at 400W), Hz - 5-40 000
THD (1 kHz, 1 W)% - 0.03
S / N ratio, dB - 85
Audio input - XLR   
Consumption min. power / peak, W - 930/3000 (one candy bar)
Dimensions, mm - 650 x 470 x 600 (monoblock)
The weight of one monoblock - 90kg