SAP Relax 530 floating isolation platform NEW

Many of you might remember RELAXA isolation audio platform. It evolved through model 2, 2 PLUS, 3 PLUS and 4. The final version of RELAXA 4, was released in 2006. After almost ten years SAP is brining back the all new RELAXA 530, that follows the design idea of RELAXA 4, but brings quite few improvements.

RELAXA 530 audio platform is made out of tempered glass, which stays rigid even after the prolonged heavy loading and sits/floats with a help of five magnets, that completely eliminate the influences of the magnetic force coming from the equipment. It can carry up to 30 kg and hrizontal balancing is adjusted through the magnets.

Model number RELAXA 530
Type Isolation · Floating board
Effective size W 512 x D 460 mm
Overall size W 570 x D 460 x H 80 mm m
Weight 8.8 kg
Color Black
Price: 800 EUR