Tobian Soundsystems MA 100 Push Pull Mono Tube Amplifier

“Just imagine that you can have it all: single ended magic and lustre plus the power, structure and control of a push-pull amp. I build them in different versions, all tailored to your speakers. With their genuine 80 tube watts, they give every speaker such a sonic kick that you will be completely held by the music. Power, finesse, superb detail and unlimited dynamics are happily mated. Maybe one could compare these amps with the Sistine Chapel before and after their renovation… - Günter Tobian/Tobian Soundsystems

Technical specifications

6550 / KT88 - driver 6SN7, 80W at 8/16 ohms
EL34 - driver 6SN7, 65W at 8/16 ohms
VT52 / 50 Triode / 45 Triode, driver 6SN7 18W at 8/16 ohms
Tube Rectifier u52 / 5U4G
Power Transformer with galvanic splitter and shield winding for every winding
Paper-in-oil capacitors optional
Output transformer hand wound with ultra-pure copper and galvanic splitter and shield winding for every winding
Frequency Response: 5 Hz to 22.000 Hz
Signal-to-noise-ratio: > 90 db
Fixed bias, finely adjustable via potentiometer
Cabinet in V2A Steel, electronically polished
Dimensions: 40 x 22 x 30 cm (B x H x T)
Weight: 26 kg
Handmade in Hergiswil (Lake Lucerne) Switzerland
lifetime warranty (except tubes)