Why dynamic SRA?

“Few people are aware of a phenomena that occurs when the SRA - stylus rake angle - is set with the record not spinning. Once the record is being played, the friction with the stylus generates a pulling force that affects the cartridge suspension, making the cartridge run lower on the record and the cantilever to change its angle.

As a consequence, the SRA during playback - what I will call “dynamic SRA” decreases compared to the value set in static conditions. If one aims at a static SRA of 92˚, the dynamic SRA could easily become 90˚.

Softer suspension and higher tracking forces induce bigger changes in SRA. So something definitely worth having in mind when optimum setup and performance is the goal.

I personally always add one or two degrees in static conditions above my target value and try to verify the dynamic SRA is slightly above 90 ̊ while the record is playing.” - Marc Gomez - SAT