Wooden Bull Leather & Cork Turntable Mat

"Wooden Bull Audiophile Turntable Mats combine the best qualities of leather and cork to create a superior mat for your turntable. Gluing the leather to the cork serves to completely flatten the leather surface. The flatness of the surface combined with the texture of the leather create a surface that holds your vinyl records firmly and improves drive through the stylus.

The Recessed Design accommodates the raised label on some records providing even more grip even on slightly warped records. This design cannot be used in conjunction with a clamp as the extra weight above the label coupled with the recess below the label will cause the outer rim to lift. With the Recess Design you really won't ever need clamps.

Placing the middle finger of your left hand on the edge of the record and moving the record forwards and backwards you will feel the whole platter move with it. This extra grip combined with the excellent vibration damping provided by the cork are the characteristics that make the Wooden Bull a great addition to any good quality turntable.

Gluing the leather to the cork also serves to completely eliminate air pockets that can be present under standard leather mats. These air pockets can result in tiny yet audible pops and clicks on playback."

* Improved grip on your vinyl records
* Improved drive through the stylus
* Improved sound quality from your hi-fi set up
* A soft leather surface to protect your records
* Upper = Leather which is Cowhide
* Underlayer = Gel Infused Cork
* Diameter = 288mm | Thickness = 3mm
* Spindle Hole = 7mm
* Handmade in Ireland
* EAN13 - 5392000135123