A10Audio/Room4Music Visit Report By Ron Resnick

While visiting The Netherlands, Kedar, my audiophile friend from London, and I arranged to meet Alex Loth, Owner of A10Audio/Room4Music in Amsterdam.

Alex is a veteran audiophile, and high-end audio became his profession, as well, when he opened his audio salon in 2006. Alex has a large, loft-like space, with the premium equipment on the main floor, and more modest equipment in a second showroom above.

Among other brands Alex carries Adam Tensor, Blumenhofer, EMM/Meitner, Feickert, Halcro, Ikeda, KR, Pluto, Raidho, Reed and ZYX.

We listened to Alex's main system which consists of Blumenhofer Gran Gioia horn/cone speakers, Van Den Hul The Grail phono preamp, EMM Labs Pre2 preamp and Halcro DM68S amplifiers. The Gran Gioia horn is almost full-range, crossing over to a large cone driver at around 600 Hz.

We switched numerous times among Alex's stable of turntable/tonearm/cartridge combinations: Reed Muse turntable, Reed 3Q tonearm 3Q and ZYX Universe 1; Pluto 12A turntable, Reed 2A tonearm and Koetsu Rosewood Platinum; and Dr. Fieckert Firebird, Ikeda 407 12" and ZYX Universe 1.

We found the Reed Muse set-up to be a bit lethargic-sounding. It did not have the drive and energy of either of the other turntable set-ups. Alex told us that the cartridge alignment had not yet been optimized.

We agreed that the Pluto set-up exhibited the most energy and excitement of the three set-ups, but that we found the Dr. Fieckert set-up to be the most musical, if not the most energetic.

Alex was totally delightful and he patiently swapped phono cables for us for as long as we wanted to pursue the comparisons. Alex is very knowledgeable about his brands, products and component-matching, and he is able to build natural and rewarding sound systems.

If you find yourself in Amsterdam you should be sure to contact Alex and make an appointment to visit him!

Ron Resnick
Senior Contributing Reviewer

Alex Loth
Telephone: +31207587290
Address: Burgemeester Roƫllstraat 10, 1064 BM Amsterdam, Netherlands