Accuphase AC2 cartridge

Thomas Schick kindly shares some interesting insights about the Accuphase cartridges from 80s.

Its interesting, how Accuphase AC1 and AC2 cartridges had these detailed leaflets. Obviously proud of the achievement it was carefully explained like in manual, but they were aacutally nobly a leaflets with sectional drawing with all parts explained, something that is unthinkable today.

Accuphase AC1 sounds very pleasant with AC2 more detailed, much better without the aluminum cover. Gains 'charme' if you like. Also the supporting arms on the magnetic yoke are interesting stabilizing components.

This particular Accuphase AC2 cartridge model still has that rare material. With 0,4mm tube diameter, and 0,1mm wall thickness, it is easy to understand that they crack easily. Most AC2s offered have the Aluminim/Boron cantilever from the AC1 model (or any other retip), so watch out. Boron and/or Aluminium are certainly very good materials, but then you can go with the AC1 in 1st place. Anyway, I could not resist 'destroying' the collector's value (was there any?) and strip the aluminum cover from it. A really well built cartridge.