Apurna French Luxury Amplifier NEW

New, high-end audio luxury amplifier exploration with patented tech, this time from France...

"Every aspect of our monophonic amplifier has been considered down to the finest detail, even incorporating aerospace components. You’ll find 24-carat gold finishes on certain mechanical and electronic components, and 6-layer printed circuit boards."

The chassis is of aluminium, formed as one single part to ensure reliability and freedom from vibration.

The APURNA™ amplifier has been developed in our own workshops, researched and realized over 3 years with the most meticulous attention to detail to bring you truly extraordinary quality and design.
Built in France by professional craftsmen and –women, using the finest materials with real flair, this innovative and luxurious high-end audio system is protected by patent.

Bandwidth: DC to 430KHz (+0 ; -3dB) or DC to 80KHz (+0 ; -0,1dB)
RMS output power: 200W (8 Ω) ; 400W (4 Ω)
Dimensions: 400x400x245 mm
Weight: 47.5 kg for a standard trim
Inputs available :
2 XLR sockets (1 in Bypass mode)
3 RCA sockets (1 in Bypass mode)
2 Phono level RCA sockets (MM & MC)
Speaker outputs: WBT-0702.01 terminals with 24-carat gold finish.

An acoustic and visual objet d’art with a customisable and interchangeable design: choose from the finest materials, such as wood, leather or metal.*

APURNA™ represents the pinnacle of French luxury and quality, demonstrated by its ‘Unique Like You’ motif.