TechDAS TDHS-01Ti pure titanium headshell NEW

TechDAS TDHS-01Ti "universal standard titanium head shell" TDHS-01Ti was developed by using advanced metal processing technology acquired through development of the TechDAS Air Force One reference turntable.

For the best performance rigidly comes as mandatory, but usually weight becomes a problem. Head shell is attached to the tip of the tone arm where the mass of inertia increases and it causes low-frequency resonances, that transform into  unstable movement.

Ideal head shell must combine both rigidity and low mass. TechDAS TDHS-01Ti skeletal structure and a thin-walled shape ensures best performance by implementing complex processes discovered over the years of R & D. 

TDHS-01Ti is finalized with a beautiful mirror polished finish, that ensure longevity and scratch free surface.


Body material: pure titanium + surface special effect treatment
Dimension Length: 65 mm Height: 28 mm
Weight 16 g
Accessories Titanium mounting screw set